That means no dust from sanding, no fumes from finishing, and no waiting before the floor can be walked on. The finishes are applied at the factory and are much tougher than the standard finish applied on-site. Since Pre-finished Wood Flooring is not sanded flat after installation, it is usually made with eased edges to help hide any variations in the sub floor.

Solid Wood Floors

Advantages to using Solid Wood Floors in your home

  • Solid Wood floors can be refinished when the surface wear layer wears thin.
  • Solid Wood floors increase the value of your home.
  • Solid Wood floors are available in a wide variety of species, finishes, and sizes.

Disadvantages to using Solid Wood Floors in your home

  • Solid wood floors must be nailed to the sub-floor, making them unsuitable for use over concrete.
  • Solid wood floors are sensitive to moisture. Changes in humidity levels can lead to squeaking, buckling, warping, and/or openings between the boards.
  • Solid wood floors can be expensive and should be professionally installed.

Engineered Wood Floors

Advantages to using Engineered Wood Floors in your home

  • Engineered Wood floors can be used in below grade or on concrete.
  • Engineered Wood floors come as thin as 3/8” making them ideal when trying to match existing floor heights.
  • Engineered Wood floors can be less expensive depending on the species.
  • Engineered Wood floors respond better to changes in humidity levels reducing the chances of buckling, warping, and openings between the boards.

Disadvantages to using Engineered Wood Floors in your home

  • Engineered Wood floors usually only have a 1/8th inch wear layer to be sanded.
  • Engineered Wood floors can cost more than solid wood floors if you are choosing a high quality.

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